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Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me. will love whatever you write for me. I love fluff, I love angst, I love hurt/comfort, I love curtain fic, I love backstory, I love future fic, and I love ridiculous AUs and crossovers. I love continuity references, porn, and slice of life fic. First times are great, so are established relationships.

If you have questions about any of the specifics if we matched on any toku fandom, please go ask Pockysquirrel.

Power Rangers Series (MMPR, RPM, In Space, Megaforce, Dino Charge)

Any timeline is fine. I love OTTeams, I love cuddles. Post show, pre-show (SCT negotiating their first date in high school before they move to Angel Grove? Sure!) Cuddles, making people feel accepted, negotiations, all are great. Feel free to set it at any point during the continuity, I love everything.

Super Sentai Series (Boukenger, Gokaiger, Shinkenger)

Pretty much the same thing I said for Power Rangers!

Star Trek (Voyager)

Baby's first OT3. I am ridiculously attached to them. I would prefer this as an OT3, but if you want to write it as a V that is fine! (Harry is my favorite, if that matters.)

DCU (Various Dick Grayson and/or Barbara Gordon pairings, plus Tim/Kon/Bart)

If it helps, I basically stopped paying attention to the DCU upon the new 52, and my favorite timeline is around the Young Justice era. But if you want to write ridiculous 1960s era Titans, that is great! I love them! I love the Birds of Prey in any group, and I have a lot of feelings about both Dick and Babs.

Kamen Rider (Drive)

I love them and their stupid faces. For the Shinnosuke/Kiriko/Chase request, just treat Kiriko well. (An AU where she is Mach, perhaps?) As for the Roidmudes, I love their bickering and maybe Heart trying to solve problems with sex?

Dragon Age (Origins only)

I have only played Origins, I am so sorry! I have a lot of ridiculous feelings about Zev. I love female!Cousland. I love Alistair, I love Morrigan, I love their ridiculous banter. I'd love it if Anora and female!Cousland knew each other a bit growing up? Maybe an early flirtation? Please don't spoil me for later games though, I've just started working my way through Awakenings.

Since I am SO NEW to the fandom (seriously like a month) I have no real idea what the fic conventions are yet, so basically go wild. :)


Oct. 19th, 2015 09:46 am
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Dear Author,

Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me. will love whatever you write for me. I love fluff, I love angst, I love curtain fic, I love backstory, I love future fic, and I love ridiculous AUs and crossovers. I love continuity references, porn, genfic, apocalyptic stuff, alternate povs, and slice of life fic. I super super super love worldbuilding, but it is totally not necessary. I love het, gen, slash, femslash, whatever! The only thing I would appreciate is that you avoid any sexual assaults.

Request 1 - Power Rangers RPF - (Yoshi/Brennan - Broshi)

Help I TOTALLY ship these two, but if you just want to write a bromance that's fine. But really, anything is fine. Something about the bathroom selfies? Workouts that turn into more? That time that Yoshi tweeted about how he should kiss Brennan? WHAT IF HE HAD. Or cosplay shenanigans. Yoshi introducing Brennan to more sentai?

I love them and their dorkiness, basically.

Previous links can be found in last year's Yuletide letter - here Have some new gems from their twitters:

Brennan loves Yoshi
Yoshi calls Brennan perfection
Yoshi wants Brennan to have his babies
Yoshi looking at Brennan's buns
Brennan invites me into his room to play Super Smash, then proceeds to dim the lights and take his shirt off... do I go in for the kiss?

Request 2 - Solver Solvers (Any)

I would love world building of this! Why is Morty so evil? What is his eventual goal for taking over Treasure Mountain! (Or the tv station, etc) How did the player get involved? Where did Morty get his robots from? Or if you want to suggest another adventure that they need to solve, that would be great. I've played all of the games, so feel free to set it wherever you want. (If you feel like crossing it over with other edutainment games like Carmen Sandiego that is totally cool.)

Request 3 - Ghostbusters (Library Ghost)

Tell me about the library ghost! Who is she? Why did she become a ghost? What did she do in life? Will she continue to shush people for eternity? Is she angry about the removal of card catalogs? Does she ever end up helping patrons? Do the ghostbusters ever consult with her for the book of the dead?

Request 4 - Protector of the Small (Wyldon)

I'd like to see something about Wyldon's evolution as a character and his respect for Kel. Basically, the process from him trying to refuse her at all, to him saying she was the best thing to happen.

Request 5 - Dino Charge (Any)

ANYTHING. I ship any and every combination. Ivan kneeling to Phillip? GREAT. Tyler and Ivan bromance? Awesome. Ivan calling Shelby milady forever? Yesplease. Kendall and Shelby bickering and then science and then sex? FANTASTIC. Koda and cookies? Sure!

If you aren't comfortable with pairings, something about adjusting to this century for Ivan or Koda? Phillip and prince stuff? Shelby being in fandom?

Previous teams meeting are also fine. I love the entire series so go wild. (If you feel like writing about the Knights of Amber Beach that would also be cool, but they aren't nominated characters so ignore that.)
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1-Couchcon was great. (You know, back in April.) People came and sat on my couch and we marathoned Zyuranger and it was delightful.

2-The lovely fiancee and I adopted a kitty. He was a stray and now he's ours. And also he's an asshole, but a cute one.

2a-He has multiple songs. One of which is to the tune of Joxer the Mighty but is "Buddy the Kitty" because I am a dork

3-Family is exhausting.

4-The wonderful fiancee got into a car accident, car got totaled. It was the other person's fault, but we're still dealing with the fallout of having to unexpectedly buy a new car right before DragonCon.

5-Speaking of DragonCon, I might have spent most of it hiding in the hotel room playing Dragon Age: Origins because I have a problem.

5a-Human noble rogue romancing Alistair (just got to the Dalish) and human lady mage romancing Leliana (just finished with the Dalish and heading to the dwarfs.)


6a-Speaking of Dino Charge, can we please talk about how there needs to be ridiculous porn and also epic length romance fics immediately???? LOOK PHILLIP IS A PRINCE AND IVAN KNEELS TO HIM. THE PRINCE AND THE CAVEMAN ARE FRIENDS. PHILLIP IS GOOD AT GIVING ORDERS AND SIR IVAN JUST WANTS TO PLEASE THE ROYAL FAMILY. SHELBY IN THAT DRESS AND KENDALL IN THAT SUIT.

Also Koda and Ivan getting hamburgers. AND THEN BONDAGE WHY IS THIS CANON.

7-Football. WTF is with your quarterback, Auburn? It is too early in the season for this.

8-Work is good. Actually, its pretty great. Which is nice.

9-We pushed back the wedding so it wouldn't conflict with Morphicon. Because reasons.

10-And I have podcast stuff to do. I should work on that.

11-And I need to figure out the dates for Alphas.

.... I know I haven't updated in literally 6 months (I KNOW) but I do read my flist. So if you have any questions about what I'm up to or anything just let me know. Or if you just want to listen to me complain about how I can't romance Morrigan as a lady because seriously I have been whining about that for weeks. Or if you want to talk about Sir Ivan as fandom bicycle. REALLY JUST TALK TO ME ABOUT STUFF.


Mar. 17th, 2015 11:16 am
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So the fiancee(!!!) and I have moved in together, and the new apartment is lovely. And she's lovely. We're mostly done unpacking? I have a lot of stuff. And I am successfully playing a video game which is also exciting, since I pretty much ragequit on my first two tries. (I am playing it on EASY but WHATEVER.) (For the record, Saints Row IV is delightful and I am having so much fun with it.)

In other news, Power Rangers Dino Charge is still delightful, Yoshi is still made of magic, Ninninger is fun, and apparently Drive is starting to suck less. I am slightly behind on all things. And the Podcast is still going really well and I'm having a lot of fun with it. And couchcon is in less than a month!

And the Power Rangers worldbuilding exchange is open for sign-ups and you should all sign-up and write me fic about how fandom works in a world with superheroes. /priorities.
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Dear Author,

Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me. will love whatever you write for me. I love fluff, I love angst, I love curtain fic, I love backstory, I love future fic, and I love ridiculous AUs and crossovers. I love continuity references, porn, genfic, apocalyptic stuff, alternate povs, and slice of life fic. I super super super love worldbuilding, but it is totally not necessary. I love het, gen, slash, femslash, whatever! The only thing I would appreciate is that you avoid any sexual assaults.

I requested fic for Power Rangers RPF, Super Solvers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kaizouk Sentai Gokaiger, Kamen Rider Drive, and Ghostbusters.

Specifics )


Oct. 14th, 2014 10:31 am
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Only a few more days to sign up for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange! We have 21 signups so far and some amazing requests. Sign up here!
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Sign up here

What is it?
A Power Rangers ficathon. You request four prompts. Someone writes one of your prompts. You write one of someone's prompts. Fic for everyone, so everyone wins! And it only has to be 750 words!

I only know *insert seasons here*!!

That's okay! There are many seasons and many fans and we can accommodate everybody!

Oh crap, real life ate me and I didn't get a chance to finish!!

Well, that is indeed a bummer. But worry not! We have a handy crew of Pinch Hitters waiting to get in and fill last-minute drops. However, if you drop out two years in a row, you won't be allowed to participate again until you write someone a treat.

My person didn't give me a gen request!

Well, your person didn't follow the rules. Feel free to write one of their shippy prompts as gen.

Which seasons of Power Rangers is this open to?

All of them!

Does that include super sentai?

No, just the currently aired seasons of Power Rangers. Super Megaforce is included, Dino Charge is not. Also not included - proposed seasons like Hexagon or that pitch for a Gobusters season.

What about the "new" teams included in Super Megaforce?

You can make ONE request about the new teams that were shown in Super Megaforce. Just know that you will be getting fic about whatever your author wants to make up as their backstory, not about the sentai they were based on. (So go ahead and ask why a version of Tommy showed up with the "Legendary Squadron.")

I haven't seen all the seasons, can I still sign up?

Of course! You only have to offer the seasons you've seen, and if you haven't seen anything after MMPR or haven't seen anything except Samurai, we'll still find a match for you.

Are crossover seasons allowed?

Allowed and encouraged! All the crossover fic! You know you want Hayley and Ms. Fairweather to date. Or at least the mod does.

Is there a treats collection?

Yes! You can write a treat here!

-You get to make FOUR requests.

-At least one of the requests must be gen, since we have a lot of genficcers in the fandom. You can request anything you like, but one of the requests has to be gen.

-Please try to keep to the spirit of the requests and avoid anything your recipient specifically lists as a dislike.

-Word minimum on fills is 750 words, please! Word maximum is when your fingers fall off. Unless you are using a voice-to-text program? Then it can be when you can no longer talk or convince people to talk for you.

-Sign-ups open October 2nd and run through October 18th. Assignments will go out by October 21st. Fics are due on January 4th and they will be posted as soon as all fics are in!

-No more than two requests may be holiday themed. Not everyone celebrates [holiday of choice] - we know the Rangers certainly don't!

-Stories must be self-contained. This means both a) no to-be continued fics and b) your recipient shouldn't have to go read another fic in order to read their gift fic.

A list

Sep. 30th, 2014 11:33 am
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1-Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange opens for signups on Thursday, October 2nd, at whatever time I get to work in the morning. I am super excited for it this year. (I already have my prompts planned out.) You should all sign up.

2-I nominated some completely ridiculous things for Yuletide.

3-Toku Ladies Podcast is going really well. We released our Morphicon episode, and we'll be releasing an interview (!!!!!) with Jackie Marchand (!!!!!!!!) on Friday.

3a-I'm still rolling my eyes at the dude who said he hoped our podcast would improve by being less feminist.

4-The last episode of Super Megaforce was really charming.

5-I no longer have a paid LJ account. It really is the end of an era.

6-I have watched so much football since the girlfriend and I started dating. I now support Auburn because of her.

7-Tickets home for Christmas have been purchased! I'll be home for a little over 2 weeks, the girlfriend will be there for a few days.

8-I have failed miserably at finding the current wave of PR toys. Alas.

9-I modded Sims4 and now I hate it slightly less.

10-How are all of you???? I miss everyone!
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DragonCon was pretty great overall, with some sadness associated with it. One day I will have time to write things longer than bullet points but that day is not today.

-Pulled muscle in leg Thursday of con. Solved problem with lots of drinks courtesy of [ profile] doctoraicha. (Also it was PR's 21st birthday, so I had drinks in the franchises honor.)

-Bought Power Rangers Samurai pizza in exchange for autographs.

-Steven Skyler's concert was pretty amazing.

-Had lots of angry feelings about the Harry/Hermione vs Ron/Hermione panel hosted by the YA lit track. Apparently I am never getting over some things. (PS if your argument is "Ron should die" I don't want to know you.) (PPS Hermione is not a prize to be won.) (PPPS Didn't we have these same arguments in 2001?)

-Kelly Sue is pretty great.

-Made an appointment to go wedding dress shopping over Christmas I guess this is a thing that's actually happening? (Still not formally engaged. We've just set a wedding date and reserved a venue and things.)

-Got concrud.

-Also got the sims 4.

-Still have not seen the most recent episodes of Super Megaforce.

-Or caught up on ToQger.

-Or written my femslash fic.

-However I did see the shirtless pics of our new red and blue rangers. Bless you, Yoshi. You are totally my favorite.

I am exhausted. Sadly, there will not be time to recover this weekend. But there will be wine.
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1-Road trip with parents was pretty great (not counting the last hour.) They really like my girlfriend. (AS THEY SHOULD.)

  • Kissed by a power ranger!!!!!! (Andros.)

  • Drunken shirtless ranger outside our hotel room door demanding pizza. (Mike.)

  • Sword wielding ranger trying to make drunken ranger stop. (Kevin.)

  • And now I ship them. (Pretty sure all of PPP's headcanon is justified.)

  • Got to meet the entire Super Megaforce cast because of Power Force!

  • So many autographs

  • Bought SO MANY TOYS

  • All the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels

  • Drinks with Goldar!

  • Afterparty with Ryan Steele!

  • People apparently like our podcast!

  • Seeing a bunch of friends again and getting to meet a bunch of friends in person for the first time! (Most important part, waaaaay too many people to list. But you know who you are!)

Like. I can't even.

And DragonCon in 2 days. Ahahahaha.

PS never taking airtran again. NEVER.

So hey

Aug. 13th, 2014 07:55 pm
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First, the Power Rangers movie comes out July 22, 2016. SUPER EXCITED.

Second, I was asked to join Power Force and I accepted.

The fact that I co-host an explicitly feminist podcast and was asked by TPTB to be one of the fans that represents and promotes the brand is super awesome and fills me with hope for the future.

Tomorrow starts epic road trip with parents and girlfriend, the week after that is Morphicon, and two weeks after that is DragonCon. CRAZIEST MONTH. And I still have fic to finish writing. AAAAAAH.
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So yeah, I am at contxt and as [personal profile] mara and I have been putting it "We are the power rangers fandom and we're here to recruit you." So basically we've been pimping PR and Gokaiger all weekend and also this con is amazing and if you weren't at the werewolf torts panel you basically missed the greatest thing ever.

I am having an absolutely delightful time and this con is a ton of fun and I've gotten to meet Mara and Celli and a bunch of other awesome people. Also my car works which is nice.

Guuuuuuys, fandom is so wonderful and everything is filled with joy and love.

PS new episode of the podcast is up - Let's rant about Jake and Gia

Happy fandom feelings guys, I love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

(Amazingly, I am totally sober.) (Just tired. Very tired.)


Jun. 10th, 2014 07:32 am
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My car is dead. As in it refused to start at ALL on Sunday, and I had to leave it in my boss's driveway (I had gone to her place so we could head into Atlanta together to see Evita, which was mediocre and featured the worst Che ever) and by the time it finally got towed on Monday it got to the mechanic so late they haven't even had the chance to look at it yet, and it is PROBABLY the alternator or the starter or something, which is only a semi-expensive fix, but I AM SUPPOSED TO ROAD TRIP TO CONTXT TOMORROW NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Anyway, the wonderful girlfriend drove up here after work yesterday and bought me ice cream for dinner and cuddled on the couch with me and then we watched E3 stuff, so she remains wonderful and has sworn I will get to contxt even if she has to drive me herself. She is the best girlfriend. (Also, no, we are not engaged yet, although I did buy her a ring. Honestly I would marry her tomorrow except a) we can't in this state, b) my mother has threatened to kill me if we get engaged before she meets D, and c) we actually planned a date already for when we'll get formally engaged and move in together and do all of this properly because it is important to her. So fine.)

Cars are stupid. Work yesterday was stressful and stupid. There is not enough caffeine in the world.
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LionsGate doing MMPR movie


.... On the other hand, I can now start my campaign of having Corbin Bleu be in it. WHAT.
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Toku Ladies Podcast Episode 1

In which [personal profile] punkpinkpower, [personal profile] pockysquirrel, [personal profile] terrierlee and I talk about why we started the podcast, discuss some of our favorite and least favorite moments, and basically have a great time for an hour.

A list

Apr. 28th, 2014 01:45 pm
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1-Oh my god, I have been asking for the Scott/Summer pretending to be married AU of Ranger Yellow for YEARS and some amazing person finally wrote it for me for ship swap and it is wonderful and made of love and joy and you should all read it - Not His Best Idea Ever.

2-The fabulous [personal profile] punkpinkpower sent me the worlds greatest gift. I have a dragon dagger, you guys. And it is shiny and my girlfriend has already tried to steal it.

3-R and L from my trivia team (but who moved away) were in town for his birthday so there was excellent gaming on Sunday!

4-Also I went to Medieval Times with the girlfriend, the girlfriend's BFF and the godkid and it was a ton of fun, even though we got stuck rooting for Tommy.

5-Speaking of the girlfriend, I might have purchased her a very shiny piece of jewelery that she will not be getting for a while yet, but it has been purchased.

6-We recorded the first episode of Toku Ladies! It will be posted as soon as either I finish figuring out how to edit it or I send it to someone else to edit it. .... The latter is more likely.

7-I basically lost my shit at work today over the new Morphicon guests. CANNOT EVEN.

8-Speaking of work, everything is broken, so time to work on rarewomen and remix. And try to deal with this insane situation that is causing a ton of drama.

9-Still debating on signing up for Not Prime Time, but I did sign up for the PR worldbuilding exchange and so should you!

10-That is it. How are you, flist?


Apr. 17th, 2014 01:51 pm
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Couchcon has ended, and I think overall a good time was had by all? Poor PPP got sick and had to leave early (saaaaaaaaad) but a ton of gaming and the watching of Goseiger happened. And Pacific Rim and MMPR the movie. Oh, and I turned 30.

There was a lot less fic plotting this year but a lot more gaming, and I adore couchcon and my friends. And everyone met my girlfriend and they've told me to keep her. Good thing I was planning on doing that anyway!

Anyway, Goseiger = still delightful. Orion = the best angstiest backstory, why is the stupid show on hiatus now? Thunderstone = a game of awesome. ToQger the game = still great. Catan = all is fair in love and gaming. Plus I totally kicked everyone's ass at Power Rangers trivial pursuit. *is the champion*

Fandom friends = the best. Period. \o/
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Obviously Ranger Recaps hasn't started back up yet. This is entirely my fault. Sorry. We're working on it. I mean, this weekend was our fifth anniversary. (.... if we'd stuck to our original schedule we'd be in Mystic Force now. Oops. Only 6 seasons behind?)

Remix is open for signups! Power Rangers is a fandom again, and so far six of us have signed up. You only need to have written 5 fics of 500 words each, or 7 fics of 100 words each, so you should sign up! It's a lot of fun!

[community profile] queer_fest is also taking prompts, and I know that some people have left some awesome PR ones, but I'm not doing it this year because of the mods and them banning a prompt that most resonated with my actual life because it wasn't how they felt bisexuality should be portrayed or some nonsense. Apparently I am doing being bisexual wrong. But I know some people really love the fest, so if you want to go leave prompts or claim them go ahead.

I am also trying to figure out how to phrase my panel suggestion for [community profile] con_txt. It needs a title, and Pocky says I am not allowed to use "Go Go Power Orgy." But how does this sound for a panel description?

21 years. 119 Rangers. All the shipping combinations you can possibly think of. If you want to come celebrate Power Rangers 21st birthday, talk about your favorite ranger or ship, or just talk about Red Rangers tendencies to dramatically rip off their shirts, then this is the panel for you.

In other news, my relationship is going fabulously. <3 I've met all of her friends, and she's met most of my local friends, and I am very much in love and haven't been this happy in a while.

Apparently I'm going to be on that podcast again like, next week? And I really need to finish working on my ship swap fic.

How are all of YOU? <3


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